VALENTIA MEDICAL was not born from a “business plan” but from the imperative and urgent need to have masks that would protect our health workers and families.

We are part of the CNC-MÁQUINAS group dedicated for 15 years to the sale of quilting machines and bedding and mattress machinery.

We had the infrastructure, we had the staff, so without hesitation, we put all our resources into operation and did our bit to overcome this health crisis.

In just over a month, we set up a sister company to CNC MÁQUINAS that has focused all its energies on producing approved and maximum protection masks in a chain so that we would never again have to go through the anguish of feeling naked before COVID.

We manufacture and distribute Type II - II R and FFP2  hygienic-surgical masks 

Having our own factory in Portugal allows us to breathe easy as we do not depend on customs permits or delays due to contingencies in ports or airports.

Because apart from COVID, we are also dedicated to the distribution of sanitary products such as sanitary mattresses, toppers, on mattresses, covers and pillows.

We sell to the private client through the web. The safest way to buy without exposing yourself to infections with all the guarantees on the payment gateways.

We also sell to professional clients: pharmacies, nursing homes, purchasing centers, institutions and various companies ... through individual agreements determined by the quantities requested, place and delivery dates.

If you need maximum protection masks with all the guarantees of quality and compliance with delivery times, we assure you that we can be your trusted partner.